Ag Management Solutions

Welcome to Farm Equipment Sales Ag Management Solutions page. We are your local GreenStar Certified John Deere dealer, staffed with many knowledgeable employees, salesmen, service technicians, and a full-time AMS Consultant, Wade Engstrom.

New AMS Products

StarFire 3000 Receiver
The StarFire 3000 Receiver has access to additional satellite signals including GLONASS, true 3-D integrated terrain compensation, and upgradable accuracy. With the StarFire 3000 Receiver’s enhancements, it provides more reliable positioning in areas with intermittent satellite availability or in other uncontrollable satellite environments. The StarFire 3000 also responds faster and more accurately to changes in terrain. Learn more about the new receiver by clicking here.


GreenStar 3 2630 Display
The John Deere GreenStar 3 (GS3) 2630 Display is a 10.4-in. color display that features a full-color touch screen for controlling a variety of AMS applications, vehicles, and implements. The GS3 2630 also allows operators to set up multiple home pages and navigate to each home page easily and efficiently, all while other applications are in use. The 2630 is video capable for monitoring cameras mounted on your machine and/or implement. Click here to get the full scoop on John Deere’s new GS3 2630.

iGrade is a controller that enables and automates new water management applications as well as our existing water management tool, Surface Water Pro Plus. iGrade offers the ability to generate a basic plane and grade, as well as perform distance-based tasks - all while automatically controlling the height of the scraper blade. Discover the broad possibilities of iGrade when you click here!

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